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Looking back at 2015 with Amber Broch

October 13, 2015
NS MTB Team-09.12.15_-13I started off training for 2015 season in November, excited for the opportunity to race on the Northstar California Giant Mountain Bike Team.  My first opportunity to race came at the Big Sandy in Fresno in March, a 38 mile mountain bike race with over 6k of climbing.  Pretty brutal for an early season race, but I kept a moderate pace, and was proud to move from 4th up to a 2nd after hour 3 of the race! NS MTB Team-09.12.15_-12
Next up was Sea Otter Classic in April.  After a bit of a training set back due to illness, I wasn’t feeling particularly strong, and I decided to take some of the pressure off the XC race by doing the road race, too.  I ended up winning the Cat 4 road race, but definitely smoked myself and ended up a dissappointing 6th in the XC.
With not too many big races on the calendar between Sea Otter and National Championships in July, I turned my focus on the local race series, the Sierra Cup.  First on the schedule was the Nevada City Dirt Classic. I’d never done this one before, and the group out there puts on a great series that I’ll be adding to my calendar in the future.  The trails out there are super fun and are only a short distance from home in Reno. I was proud to challenge Julie Young to the finish, and finished a few seconds back from her after a sprint.
2015 National Champ
I had a bit of a setback in June after I woke up sick a few days before Riding High at the Ranch in Susanville, the next Sierra Cup race.  Since I’d already registered for the race, I decided to do it anyway and actually suprised myself and finished a strong second place.  However, I lost my voice in the process. Turns out, probably racing sick isn’t such a good idea.  I ended up on antibiotics, which I then had an allergic reaction. It took a good part of the month to finally get over that one, just in time to jump into the first XC race on the home turf at Northstar. Although the race didn’t go that great, I had a blast riding the lifts and doing a few downhill runs with friends and team mates after the race, and had an ear-to-ear smile the whole time.  Seriously SO MUCH FUN!
NS MTB Team-09.12.15_-46July brought about my primary goal for the season – National Championships in Mammoth Mountain, CA.  It’s hard to shake the pressure and nerves that come along with any big race, and I was SO nervous that I’d had too many set backs and illnesses during the season to be at peak form.  But, as it turns out, my team bike, the Giant XTC Advanced 27.5, was the perfect bike for that course, and helped me float up the climbs and carry me to the National Championship win!!!
And how did I celebrate?  By going to Disneyland, of course!!

2015 Season Kick Off at the Sea Otter Classic

April 25, 2015

Now that the dust has settled at the 2015 Sea Otter Classic, we look back to celebrate one of the most successful Otter’s that Northstar California Mountain Bike Team has race.

The Sea Otter Classic is a four-day bike festival and exposition held annually at the Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterrey, CA. Starting in 1991, the Sea Otter has become legendary for many reasons. The festival offers on-site camping surrounded by endless excitement with road, dh, enduro, cyclocross, slalom, xc, dirt jumping, pump track races going on the entire time. At the expo, just about ever vendor related to bikes, come to show the latest products, technologies, and information.   Northstar California Resort came to promote our incredible bike park (which opens May 22nd) and Giant Bikes USA debuted their 2015 bikes, info on their latest products, and opportunities to meet some of their elite factory and co-factory riders.

As a bike racer, the Sea Otter is the official kick off race for the upcoming season. Seven top riders from the Northstar California Mountain Bike Team made the pilgrimage to the Sea Otter this year. With the courses now empty and the festival silent, our riders left with great memories and incredible results. Great work Amber, Scott, Ryan, Lindsay, Genevieve, Jordan, and Joe!

Amber Broch

1st Road Cat-4

5th Cross Country Cat-1

Amber 1st Place Cat-4 Road

Amber 1st Place Cat-4 Road


Scott Leland

2nd Cross Country Cat-1

Scott 2nd Place Cross Country

Scott 2nd Place Cat-1 Cross Country

Genevieve Evans

3rd Cross Country Cat-1

Genevieve 3rd Place Cat-1 Cross Country

Genevieve 3rd Place Cat-1 Cross Country

Lindsay Chirdon

8th Cross Country Cat-1

Ryan Helmuth

2nd Cat-1 Dual Slalom

Ryan 2nd Place Cat-1 Dual Slalom

Ryan 2nd Place Cat-1 Dual Slalom

2nd Cat-1 Downhill

Ryan 2nd Place Cat-1 Downhill

Ryan 2nd Place Cat-1 Downhill

Jordan Hartman

12th Open Enduro

Joe Kolda

47th Open Enduro