2014 Team Roster

2014 Ride Giant Ride Northstar Team

Paul Zarubin

PZ Headshot

PZ + Bike

Paul with his Anthem X Advanced 29er

Name: Paul Zarubin
Nationality: Russian
Residence: Truckee, CA
Date of Birth
Type of Races: xc, sd
Bike: Anthem X Advanced 29er
When I’m not on my bike I’m: Unhappy. Actually Standup paddling is my second sport, but building custom homes is my vocation.
Favorite Place to Ride: Cool/Auburn (Nor-Cal) area.
Favorite Northstar Trail: 6%
Favorite Race: Downieville
Goal/s for the Season: Win Leadville and get in under 9 hours.

Todd Renwick


TR Headshot


TR + Bike

Todd and his Glory 0



Todd Renwick draggin’ bar

Name: Todd Renwick
Nationality: ‘MERICAN
Home Town: Sonora, CA
Date of Birth: 05/12/95
Disciplines: DH and Enduro
Bikes: Giant Glory 0, Trance Advanced SX
When I’m not on my bike I’m: Shredding in my Subaru, snowboarding, or traveling.
Favorite place to ride: Still searching, but I have a couple spots near my house that are pretty sweet.
Favorite Northstar trail: Boondocks
Favorite Race: Tara Llanes Classic
Goals: Stay healthy, have fun, and get some top 5 results. And win a few too!

Caleb Cooper

CC Headshot

CC + Bike

Caleb and his Glory 0

hook it 3

Caleb hookin’ it during a 2013 Northstar DH race.

Name: Caleb Cooper
Race: American
Residence: Truckee CA
Birth Date:9-28-1997
Disciplines: Downhill, Enduro
Bike: Giant Glory 0
When I’m not on my bike I’m: Hanging out with some homies
Favorite place to ride: Anywhere that’s fun.
Favorite Northstar trail: Boondocks
Favorite race: Northstar series
Goals: To be on the podium at every Northstar event and top 10 nationally. And having fun on my bike!

Blake Bockius

BB Headshot

BB + Bike

Blake with his Anthem Advanced Team 0 27.5

photo (5)

Blake on his way to an incredible finish during the 2013 Tahoe Trail 100k

Name- Blake Bockius
Nationality – USA
Home Town- Truckee, CA
Date of Birth – 3/27/1962
Type of Races – XC, Ultra Endurance, Stage Races and Multi Day Bikepacking races
Race Bike- Anthem Advanced 27.5 0 and XTC 27.5 0 Team
If I’m not riding- Skiing, hiking, camping, working, and spending time with my family
Favorite Place to Ride- My back yard trails in Truckee
Favorite Northstar Trail – Tahoe 100 course
Favorite Race Course- Cascade Cream Puff 100 and the Arizona Trail 750
2014 Race Goals- Finish the Stagecoach 400 under 50 hours, Place top 5 in the US Mountain Bike Marathon Championships
Top Results- 3rd Place Leadville Trail 100, 2nd place 24 Hours of Gold, Tour Divide Race (21 days 13 hrs), 1st place Tahoe Trail 100 (50+), 2nd place Arizona Trail 750

Patrick Romano

PR Headshot

PR + Bike

Patrick with his Trance Advanced SX 27.5

Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 9.07.31 PM

Patrick runnin’ it wide open during a 2013 Northstar DH race.

Name: Patrick Romano
Nationality: USA
Home Town: Truckee, CA
Date of Birth: 06/01/1995
Type of Races: Enduro
Race Bike: Trance Advanced SX 27.5
If I’m not riding: Ski Racing or Fishing
Favorite Place to Ride: Anywhere around Tahoe
Favorite Northstar Trail: Gypsy
Favorite Race: Livewire Classic
Gaols for the Season: Top 10 Pro Enduro results

Allen Hill

RAH Headshot

RAH Bio Pic + Bike

Allen with his Anthem Advanced 27.5 1

Name: Allen Hill (Ray)

Nationality: USA

Residence: Reno
Date of Birth: Tax Day 1967
Type of Races: XC/Endurance
Bike: Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5
When I`m not on my bike I`m…..: Resting
Favorite Place to Ride: Gold Country trails
Favorite Northstar Trail: There are many great trails here, anywhere on the mountain my Giant Anthem can go.
Favorite Race: The race in my backyard, Peavine Challenge.
Goal/s for the Season: Have fun, Win.

  Stephen Berg

SB Headshot

SB + Bike

Stephen with his Anthem Advanced 27.5 1


Name: Stephen Berg
Nationality: USA
Residence: Reno, NV
Date of Birth: 2/5/80
Type of Races: XC, Endurance
Bikes: 2014 Anthem Advanced 1 27.5
When I’m not on my bike I’m … : Playing with my son
Favorite Place to Ride: Tahoe
Favorite Northstar Trail: Paddywack
Favorite Race: Great Tahoe Flume Race
Goal/s for the Season: I would welcome any podium finish.

 Karin Edwards

KE Headshot

KE + Bike

Karin with her Lust Advanced 0

Name: Karin Edwards
Nationality: USA
Residence: South Lake Tahoe, CA
Date of Birth: October 8, 1981
Type of Races: XC, Endurance
Bike: Anthem X Adv 27.5
When I’m not on my bike I’m… running, paddleboarding, skiing, working to keep Lake Tahoe blue
Favorite place to ride: Tahoe Rim Trail
Favorite Northstar Trail: Mineshaft
Goal(s) for the Season: All-Mountain podium at Downieville Classic; Podium at Marathon XC Nationals; Win the Northstar XC Race Series; Try my hand in XTERRAs – after a 9-year hiatus

Andy Buckley

Name: Andy Buckley
Nationality: Dual UK and US
Residence: Truckee CA
Date of Birth: ladies don’t tell
Type of Races XC endurance and Enduro experiment
Bikes: Anthem 29er 0 and Trance SX 27.5
When I’m not on my bike: Grumpy
Favorite Place to Ride: Aspen and Deer Valley, Cold Stream Canyon as option
Favorite Northstar Trail: Livewire
Favorite Race: Lake Tahoe Trail 100
Goal/s for the Season: Leadville Sub 9hrs???

 Fred Stamm



Fred with his Trance Advanced SX 27.5

Name: Fred Stamm
Residence: Tahoe City, CA
Date of Birth: November 7, 1985
Type of Races: Enduro
Bikes: 2014 Trance Advanced SX 27.5
When I’m not on my bike I’m…:  Skiing
Favorite Place to Ride: My backyard
Favorite Race: The one I’m doing this week
Goal/s for the Season: Give a real go at the Downieville Allmountain Worlds instead of coming off the couch like in 2012; focus on Northstar, Califiornia, and other US enduro series

 Ryan Icanberry

RI Headshot

RI + Bike

Ryan with his Trance Advanced SX 27.5


Ryan racing on Peavine Mtn. in Reno, NV-2014


Ryan Icanberry
Nationality: USA
Residence: Reno, NV
Date of Birth: 10/3/73
Type of Races: XC, Endurance, Enduro
Bikes: Trance Advanced SX 27.5 and Anthem Advanced 27.5 1
When I’m not on my bike I’m…being entertained by my family, snowboarding, swimming, or bucking logs.
Favorite Place to Ride: Mills Peak, Graeagle, CA and Southwest Reno Trails
Favorite Northstar Trail: Knick Knack, Paddywack, and mini-jump park
Favorite Race: Leadville Trail 100k and Mammoth Kamakazi
Goals: Have fun, ride faster, and perfect my “elder airs” down Livewire.

Steve Marty

Name: Steve Marty
Residence: Highlands, NV
Birth Date: 4/8/79
Disciplines: DH, MX
Bike: Giant Glory 0
When I’m not on my bike, I’m dreaming of my next ride.
Favorite place to ride: Northstar California
Favorite Northstar trail: Gypsy Wire
Favorite race: Sticks and Stones
Goals: Consistently podium and push for wins in the Northstar DH Series Vet Pro class. Widen my scope by competing in some enduro events. Have fun and continue to progress. Fuel off of my current crew and get some more of my friends into DH.

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