JayP’s Backyard Fat Pursuit

January 10, 2015

Scenic beauty, simplicity of travel, adventure, friends, finishing-these are the things that cement those lasting memories of our first century rides and all day epics.  Blake Bockius, our teams ultra endurance superstar, is off on another amazing ride.

Starting January 10, Blake will be riding JayP’s Backyard Fat Pursuit.  This event (http://fatpursuit.blogspot.com) is a 200k fat bike event through Yellowstone, MT and Idaho.  Before Blake’s launch, we had a chance to ask a few questions.

Blake's winter bike

Fat bike packed and ready to roll.



Northstar-When was the first time someone called you crazy, insane, or something along the lines of questioning your decisions?

Blake Bockius-I can’t remember the first time. That’s been going on for a quite a while. As for the fat Pursuit , I’ve heard why would you do that? Why would you ride your bike in the snow, aren’t there any races in places where it’s warm?

You’ve competed in some mind blowing ultra endurance mountain bike races. Give us a list of races that you’ll never forget.

I think the most memorable is the Tour Divide in 2012. I had done some touring but this was my first bikebacking experience. The Tour Divide fueled my passion for the sport. I think I’ve done 9 bikepacking races since.

Tell us about your next race-Jay’P’s Fat Bike Pursuit. Any predictions on what challenges lay ahead of you?

The race is a 200 kilometer fat bike race on snow. The race takes place outside of Yellowstone National Park in Montana and Idaho. The race was conceived and is promoted by Jay Petervary. He is one of the top ultra endurance mountain bike racers.

The biggest challenge is the winter environment. I’ve been working on my layering and trying to figure out how to race without creating too much moisture. Once I get sweaty I risk getting cold.

Living in Truckee, CA affords it’s residents an abundance of year round outdoor opportunities. What is you background in winter sports? How do you think this prior knowledge will help you through Jay P’s Fat Bike Pursuit?

Although fat biking is new to me, I’ve been recreating in the winter environment since growing up in Colorado. I spend my winters downhill skiing, Nordic skiing and backcountry skiing. I also have experience winter camping and I took a winter survival course when I was younger.

For the average mountain biker the preparation for a 60k or 200k mtb race could take up to 12+ hours per week. Tell us a bit about you method of preparing physically for this race.

I’ve been trying to get as much time on the bike as possible. I’m definatly not in as good of shape as I am during the summer. Mostly I’ve been riding at night because of the limited day light. I’ve also been riding in the early morning from 4-7 before work. The early morning rides have helped me acclimate to colder temps and figure out my gear.

Preparing for a mtb race of any proportion takes careful planning and preparation. As you head into a race of this nature, what will your bike set-up look like (i.e. bike, bags/panniers, lights, water)?  

I’ll be riding 4” tires with around 6 pounds of pressure. I’ll have a frame bag a large seat bag top tube bag and a roll bag on my handle bars.  Some of the crucial gear is a -10 sleeping bag, bivi, pad, stove for melting snow, extra dry clothing maps, a GPS with the track loaded, multiple lights with exta batteries, 100 oz Camelbak and a thermos for warm drinks.

Nutrition can be “make or break” any ride or race. What will you eat/consume during this race?

I will carry different options such as energy gel, liquid nutrition, pbj’s, soup, nuts, energy bars and lots of water. Maybe some left over pizza. I’m not too picky about what I eat.  I feel good as long as I keep taking in fuel.  I have a pretty strong stomach so I can eat or drink just about anything.

Good luck and can’t wait to hear how everything goes!


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