Blazing Hot August

August 18, 2014

Not slowing down for a minute, the Ride Giant/Ride Northstar Team has been in the mix of races near and far.

Downieville Classic, Downieville, CA

This year we had two racers in the Downieville Classic All-Mountain http://www.downievilleclassic.com.  For those of you unfamiliar, the Downieville All-Mountain race is a true test of physical, mental, and mechanical strength.  This two day event begins with an epic point-to-point XC race.  The XC begins with 3000 feet of climbing up an exposed double track only to pour racers onto a demanding descent of 5000+ feet into Downieville.   Day two is the legendary downhill where racers use the same bike to race from the top of the Sierra Buttes to Downieville-demanding on all levels.  

Karin raced her Lust Advanced 0 27.5 and Fred was on his Trance Advanced SX 27.5.  Both Karin Edwards and Fred Stamm raced the All-Mountain and ended up with some great results.

Karin Edwards 2nd Place Downieville All Mountain

Karin Edwards 2nd Place Downieville All Mountain

Karin Edwards

Category:  Expert Women Under 34

Place:  2nd

Times: XC 2:50:11 DH  1:16:43 Overall 4:06:54

Fred Stamm

Category:  Pro

Place: 32nd

Times: XC 2:28:51 DH  52:51 Overall 3:20:57

Big Mountain Enduro-Keystone-Keystone, Colorado

In late July, team rider Patrick Romano headed out to Keystone Colorado to race the Keystone stop of the Big Mountain Enduro Series http://www.bigmountainenduro.com/schedule/keystone.  The Keystone race contains some of the most raw and rugged lift-accessed mountain biking in the US. With rock gardens, drops and high-speed features.  Patrick rode six rowdy stages and represented Northstar and Truckee well.  Patrick’s Trance Advanced SX 27.5 was the weapon of choice.

Patrick Romano

Category:  Amateur 19-39

Place:  28th of 66

Overall time (Stages 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6): 1:11:32

Leadville Trail 100-Leadville, Colorado

The Leadville Trail is a 100-mile out-and-back course in the midst of the Colorado Rockies. Low point, 9,200 feet; high point is Columbine Mine, 12,424 feet. Majority is on forest trails with some mountain roads.  This year we had two Ride Giant/Ride Northstar athletes, Andy Buckley and Paul Zarubin pushing their abilities to the limits.  

In the end, both men met their goals, pushed their limits, and created memories that will last a lifetime.  

We’ll have more to come on Andy and Paul’s Leadville experience.  Great job guys!

Andy Buckley

Finish Time:  9:17:17 

Paul Zarubin                                                                 

Finish Time:  9:27:47                                                     

Great Job Paul!  Wear it with pride!

Great Job Paul! Wear it with pride!

Andrew Buckley @ the Leadville Trail 100

Andrew Buckley @ the Leadville Trail 100












Northstar XC #3, Northstar, California

The third and final XC race of the season took place on Saturday, August 9th.  With rain from the previous week packing down the dust, the course was amazing.  The 15 mile course had a great mix of classic Northstar Twilight routes and some new twists and turns mixed in.  All in all, the last race was fantastic and the awards and raffle at mid-mountain made for a perfect summer XC series ender.

Stephen Berg                                                                

Cat-1 19-39: 3rd Place

Ryan Icanberry                                                

Cat-1 40-49: 3rd Place

Great season ender Stephen!

Great season ender Stephen!

Standing next to these guys is always an honor.  I'll get you next race Mario! 3rd Place-Ryan Icanberry

Standing next to these guys is always an honor. 3rd Place-Ryan Icanberry


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