2014 Tahoe Trail 100k

July 29, 2014

The Leadville Trail 100 is known as the race of all races.  Located in Leadville, Colorado, mountain bikers race 100 miles across the the Rocky Mountains with the lowest elevation being 9200′ and reaching as high as 12,400′.  For the last four years, Northstar California has played host to an amazing Leadville Qualifier race called the Tahoe Trail 100k.  The course began at Northstar, headed toward Lake Tahoe, and wound it’s way back to the resort via a mix of fun and fast single and double track http://www.strava.com/activities/59137402.  With amazing trail conditions due to a week of rain storms, the 2014 TT 100k is one event that will not be forgotten anytime soon.


Racers from far reaches anxiously waiting the shotgun start for the 2014 Tahoe Trail 100k.

The following are excerpts, thoughts, memories, and emotions are from members or the Ride Giant/Ride Northstar mountain bike team after they completed the Tahoe Trail 100k-enjoy.

Team Rider:  Paul Zarubin

TT100k Thoughts: My goal for the T100 was to win the 60 group. I fell just 26 seconds short to a rider that improved his time by an hour from last year. Of course I had no idea that he was in front of me and a little crash on the last hairpin turn sealed the deal. There are so many fast riders out there, I feel pretty good to be in the top third of all age groups. On to Leadville, gonna dig deep to get under 9 hours. In case no one else mentions it, Andy Buckley is one awesome dude. Strong rider and he was having a great race, but when a man went down in front of us near mile 20 and broke his femur, Andy put his race aside and stopped to offer his assistance. Ended up getting patrol there and eventually Care Flight, then went on to complete his race. The man walks the talk and I admire him for it.

Bike:  2013 Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er

Results (Time/Place): 2nd in Category, finish time 5:27:52

***in 2013 Paul’s finishing time was 5:27:01-amazing consistency!***


Team Rider:  Karin Edwards

TT 100k Thoughts:  Fun times at the official unofficial Northstar All-Mountain Weekend! Raced the TT100k on Saturday and race #2 of the Northstar Enduro series.  The Lust 0 is an amazingly versatile bike – it qualified me for Leadville on Saturday and got me the win at the Enduro on Sunday!

Bike:  2014 Giant Lust

Results (Time/Place):  12th Female Overall, finish time 5:46:28


Team Rider:  Blake Bockius

TT 100k Thoughts:  I was having a good race when suddenly things went bad with the back.  I ended up pulling out after the first lap (33 miles).  I thought I had been making progress with previous back issues that have been causing pain down my leg.  Feeling better and now training for my next goal-California Sierra Trail Race http://trackleaders.com/calsierra14.

Bike:  2014 Giant Anthem Advanced Team 27.5

Results (Time/Place): DNF

***Pulling out of a race and listening to your body is something we all need to pay attention to-rest to race another day!***

Finish Selfie TT100

Patrick Romano post TT 100k-“Shock and Awe”

Award TT100

Fruits of Patrick’s labor-Great 1st place award!

podium TT100

Patrick Romano-1st Place 0-19 2014 TT 100k


Team Rider:  Patrick Romano

TT 100k Thoughts:  This was simultaneously the greatest and most horrible experience of my life. I came to suffer and was not disappointed. I aimed to just finish but got pretty inspired out on course and went for it.  I pushed but took it somewhat easy on lap one and then slowly started to up my pace so that I was going as fast as I could by about mile 45.  Just a few miles later I began to feel my legs.  This turned out to be some of the most insane muscle soreness I have ever experienced which was almost crippling.  All I could do was keep thinking about the finish and tell myself to keep pedaling.  I remember riding along talking to myself, “just keep pedaling, just keep pedaling”.  I pushed through the pain and somehow motored up the last 4 mile climb, sprinting in the last 400 yards, expending everything left in me. leaving nothing on the course.  I recall descending to the finish.  I could taste the end but my body was shutting down and I could hardly hold on to the bike.  After a few near crashes, I dug deep enough to make a final sprint across the finish line.  As I crossed the line, I felt the greatest euphoria of my life.  I had just accomplished something I had never imagined until just a few months ago.  I looked absolutely horrible and felt worse but I had done it.

Results (Time/Place):First Place M 0-19, Finish Time 5:09:35
***Up until this race, Patrick’s longest bike ride had been a 40 mile road ride in 2013.***

Andy Buckley and Ryan Icanberry trail riding Hole In The Ground the Monday before the TT100k-Northstar conveniently located in the background.

Team Rider:  Andy Buckley

TT 100k thoughts:  “Andy is an amazing rider who continues to create goals, train, and achieve.  This years Andy has been preparing for the Leadville Trail 100 and the Tahoe Trail 100k was planned as a fun training race.  During the first part of this years TT1o0k, Andy had been working back and forth with Stephen Berg and Paul Zarubin.  At one point, The group came across an injured racer who had gone down pretty hard.  Andy, without hesitation, put his race, training, goals, and agenda aside to stay with this racer until help arrived.  On behalf of all racers or people that have crashed on a bike-Thank you!”-Ryan Icanberry

Results (Time/Place):  24th, Finish Time 5:42:11


Team Rider:  Fred Stam

Results: 21st, Finish Time 5:48:15



Ryan Icanberry in the front corral (gold?) with Nicholas Connely of Reno. A sea of cyclists and caffeine agitated nervous energy!


Ryan Icanberry-50k 1st place














Team Rider:  Ryan Icanberry

TT 100k thought:   I actually raced the 50k (one lap) with the though of saving some energy for the Northstar Enduro Race #2 the following day.  I must say, I certainly enjoyed the one lap and felt I had plenty in the tank for a second lap.  The trail conditions were perfect due to the previous few days of rains and most sections of the course were fast.  The burger and beer tasted amazing after the race!

Bike:  2014 Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5

Results:  2nd overall, 1st in age group, 2:32:34


Team Rider:  Stephen Berg

TT 100k Thoughts:  This was my 4th time doing the Tahoe 100k . This has always been a challenging race for me. I have to say that Northstar put on an incredibly organized event. During my second lap, I was starting to cramp pretty badly. The aid station volunteers were amazing and helped me get back to the race quickly. I was dreading that last climb during my second lap, but miraculously the cramps went away and I felt awesome. It was a great feeling to finish the race feeling better than I ever had. The food and beer at the finish was a welcome sight.

Bike:  2014 Giant Anthem Advanced 27.5

Results:  42nd, 5:31:02


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