2014 Oregon Outback 300-Blake Bockius

June 2, 2014

Now it’s a matter of pushing through mentally.” –Blake Bockius, 2014

Goal: To race 363 miles with no sleep

Pre Ride Prep: Several multi-day races in Spring 2014, at least one 4-6 hour mountain bike ride per week.


Bike and Gear: Giant XTC Advanced 0 with rigid carbon fork, Carousel Design Words and Revalate Designs bags-2 top tube bags, a seat bag, a partial frame bag, and a feedbag. No backpack. In the bags are tools, spare parts, 100oz hydration, basic riding cloths, light weight down sweater, 40′ sleeping bag, food, sunscreen and other small necessities. The Northstar/Giant kit is my main riding gear for the duration.  Lights-Exposure Diablo with 2 piggy back batteries (these provide about 20 hrs of light).


Course Knowledge: This race is similar to the Tour Divide, the Arizona Trail Race and the Colorado Trail race. Each is a self supported Bikepacking race. Normally the organizer will post a GPX track for down load into a gps and cues to aid with navigation. Once the clock starts you race until the finish. There are no stages, or aid stations along the route. The rider must resupply their own food and water and cannot take any outside assistance. You need to spend quite a bit of time researching the route and figuring out where you can resupply. Then figure how much water and food to carry between towns or water sources. You’re on your own in remote areas so you better be prepared.



Route: The race stars in Klamath Falls and finishes at the northern border of the state. The Oregon Outback is more of gravel grinder type course. There’s not much climbing but word has it that there will be some ferocious head winds. There’s also a chance of rain Friday and Friday night.  For specifics check out http://velodirt.com.





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