Northstar Race Report #1 – Gypsy

July 13, 2012

The first race of the world famous Northstar Downhill series finally arrived. The fabulous trail crew had been working like Christmas elves, priming Gypsy for the anxious children, err..I mean racers. We were treated to brand new, buffed out berms and even a new wooden berm to help increase flow and maintain warp speed through the upper/mid section. Thanks crew!

The team was running on skeleton status by Saturday. Samwise Redman was off racing super-d nationals, Cody Chappy had a male modeling gig, and Hot Rod Todd had broken his clavicle in Saturday’s practice. Get well buddy! This left Jordan the Hitman Hartman, Patrick the kid Romano, and myself to carry the Northstar banner.



The track was running fast and rewarded those who could maintain speeds in the plentiful, deep corners and the ability to power out of them. No doubt, Gypsy is a purebred race trail offering a variety of terrain and obstacles.  The hitman had a good flow going but got loose in one of the lower paver berms. As a result, he went to put the power down and clipped a rock with his pedal, sending him to the deep chunder below. Better luck next time. I played it safe, too safe really and wound up deep in my class. Part of racing is learning and there were a number of lessons I picked up this last weekend. Romano put it down and earned 6th in his division with a time in the high 3’s, well done by the kid.

This coming Sunday is the Sticks and Stones race and it is sure to be awesome. This track rewards the brave. Don’t flinch in the rock gardens and victory shall be yours. See you out there!








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