Words From the DH Crew – Northstar Bike Park

June 25, 2012
After a long winter of punishing ourselves with riding xc and punishing our bikes with shuttle runs it is a fair assessment to say that the Northstar-Giant team was ready for a little help from the high speed lifts of the resort.  Friday was the day of reckoning for us all.
I met fellow team rider Jordan “the hitman” Hartman in the lower lot as well as his friend Eric Mackenstadt.  We geared up in our new Fox pads and Rampage helmets in preparation for the day. After a short ride up the gondola we connected with another team rider, Sam-wise Redman. It was time for everyone’s favorite warm up run: Livewire.
We all lined up and dropped in for what Mega Morehouse likes to call the “pain train”!  The lips were fresh, the breaking bumps were non-existent and Livewire was flowing nicely.  Early season is a fabulous time for the lips on this trail as they toss you into the air as a loving father does its child. Tight berms gripped like a vice and the open flat corners were all about the foot-out-flat-out kung-fu style, glorious!
Next it was a Gypsy run, one of my favorite trails to let it loose.  Our crew dropped in like starving monkeys on a banana farm, this felt like old times.  Gypsy was in good shape with little duff-gnar (that would be deep dust for those not in the know).  The Hitman got a little low in one corner and wound up facing me, a full mid corner 180, most impressive really, though his elbow payed the price.
We were primed for another of my favorites at the mighty Star, Boondocks.  Our posse dove wheels first in the the kitty litter delight, throwing roost, dirt, and dust anywhere we pleased.  Though quite loose, Boondocks is moving quite fast too. All the same features are present and the trail remains quite predictable.
We decided to traverse over and hit some of the lower trials.  Speed Control, Lower Sticks, Pho-Dog, and Karpiel were all on our checklist and none of them disappointed.  With a lower traffic count on the Vista side, the dirt was prime with almost no chunder. “Hot Rod” Todd Renwick, another of the Northstar team, met up with us making for an almost complete team (we were only missing Cody “chappy” Chapman, something about graduating college…)
We proceeded to pull laps all over the mountain, meeting up with friends along the way.  One of the beauties of Northstar is that you never ride alone.  All day long we were meeting up with different people for a run here and a run there; the whole time laughing and sharing war stories. This is what it is all about: fun!
Hope to see you on the mountain!

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