Peavine Challenge Pre-Race Course Ride & Tips w/ Ryan Icanberry

May 31, 2012

Living in an area with a weekly road and mountain bike series is great.  Among all the interesting and quirky things that make Reno-Tahoe great, our cycling scene continues to boom.

Every year the Reno Wheelmen (a cycling club here in Reno that dates back to the turn of the century) puts on a series of road and mountain bike races (road Tuesdays, mtn Wednesday).

The weekly mountain bike series here in Reno is a great warm-up to the popular Northstar California Twilight mountain bike races.

The Wheelmen races begin in late spring and continue through early summer.  Northstar’s series begins mid-July and rallies on to late August.  If ever in the Reno-Tahoe area, make sure to make it out to either of these great race series.

This weekend marks the next Sierra Cup race event called the Peavine Challenge on June 2nd and 3rd.  This is the 20th running of the event and the first time they have offered a Super D event. https://www.facebook.com/SierraCupMTB.

One trick is going to be the weather.  Last year the weather was in the mid 90s with no wind.  A great tip is to pack a few ice-packs of zip-lock baggies in a cooler. On each lap have your water queen hand you a ice pack to stuff in your jersey.  This will keep your temperature down and stop heat exhaustion.  Check the weather before hand to get an idea of how hot it is going to be.  There is an aid station before the really big climb.

Peavine is super rocky.  You are taking a chance if you are going to run really thin tires or tubes. Tubeless tires or sidewall protection are really helpful.  We rode the Peavine trail recently and punctured the tread pretty badly and had a less-than-enjoyable jog back.

Looks to be a tough race with a fun ending.  See you at the races!


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