RACE REPORT: Team Riders Dominate Bend Super-D and Peavine DH

July 7, 2011

This past independence weekend the Ride Giant-Ride Northstar team riders lit up some of their own fireworks by dominating the podiums at the Bend stop of the Oregon Super-D Series and the Sierra Cup Series at the Peavine competition in Reno, Nevada.

At the Bend stop of the Oregon Super-D Series, riders Lizzy English and Timmy Evens set the Super-D course on fire leaving a smoke screen of dust behind them for their competitors to choke on.

Lizzy English’s Giant Trance Advance SL featuring Shimano XTR and Fox Racing Shox suspension was light and fast to get her to the bottom of the course with lightning speed. The stiff carbon frame railed the corners while the new 2X10 Shimano XTR group shifted smooth and responsive to power her up the climbs. Lizzy’s bike features a Fox Racing Shox Talas that is adjustable from 120-150 so she was able to tune the fork down on the climbs to be more efficient.

The equipment paired with the top end fitness that Lizzy English works hard for landed her atop the podium with a first place finish.

Timmy Evens is right on point for the season with his fitness and with the help of his Giant Bicycle Reign that features a Fox Racing Shox 36 keeps the bike stiff and stable in corners. In Timmy Evens words:

“I had one magical crash when I came into a rock drop series carrying waaaay more speed than usual and landed super heavy while setting up for the next drop causing the front tire to roll and me to cartwheel. I didn’t let the spill bother me too much and got my head back in the game with just enough room to spare to hold onto 2nd. Matthew Slaven was 1 second back and obviously pissed. Carl Decker is way too fit and destroyed us all but thats Carl.”

Here is Mason Bond, Don't rule this young man out just yet. He is super fast and can hang with the pro guys. A slight burp in his tire took him out of competition this weekend. Look to see what he can do at Downieville.

After two second place finishes, one at Hood River and the other this past weekend in Bend, Timmy stole enough points to become the new overall series leader over Nathan Riddle and Matthew Slaven. The great performance Lizzy and Tim now put them both in first place for leading the Oregon Super-D Series overall. Other great performances include top ten results by Jordan Lopez with a 7th place finish and Jon Wilson in 9th.  Their are two more races that will mark their fate. The next events will be August 7th in Oakridge and September 3rd in Sandyridge.

Andrea placing 2nd, Beating out Cierra Smith

Locally here in the Sierras, The grassroots team took the Peavine hill in Reno, Nevada to compete in the newly formed Sierra Cup Series. Both Cross country riders and DH rides competed in the 95 degree high desert heat. Riders who competed were Sam Redman, Andrea Napoli and Erik Hatch for the downhill category and Stephen Berg and Don Morehouse in the cross country category.

“The heat was what hurt me,” said Stephen Berg, communicating that “it was nearly impossibly to stay hydrated and get power. ” Don Morehouse took home 8th in the cat.1 mens xc category while Stephen took home 9th in the men’s cat.2 category on their Giant Anthem 29er’s.

On the DH scene, the men posted great results with Erik Hatch taking home the top result with a first place finish in the open men category while Sam Redman took 3rd place in cat.2 junior men.

Sam Redman on his way to 3rd Place.

Andrea Napoli has progressed so fast in the last two seasons from a cat.2, she now has built the fitness and skills to compete with some of the top locally pro women beating out Cierra Smith of Specialized and nipping at the heals of Mary Moncorge of Santa Cruz bike team!

Stay tuned for more action. This weekend marks the famous Downieville Classic and National Championships the following weekend.


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