Pro-Rider Blog Update: Lizzy English

June 28, 2011
Pro-rider Lizzy English recently updated the team on here travels on racing in Oregon. Read below to learn about her set backs and goals for the season. Stars and Stripes are on the radar for Super-D.
Lizzy English Blog Update:
Soooo, I had kind of  late start to my season and I owe it DI-rectly to training with a heart rate monitor.  It caused quadricep tendinitis (1 week setback) AND a saddle sore infection that needed prescription antibiotics (another week setback).  Moral of the story:  Heart rate monitors used for measuring pain and stupidity are dangerous and should only be used as a stylish headbands for Trekkies.  (see attached photo).
Solution:  Ride with Professional Shredders that are faster/better/radder than you from 1 to 6 hours as desired, hit jumps, wreck in corners, kayak waterfalls, wear high heeled cowgirl boots on the podium, etc, etc.
Hood River Super D
And wreckity wreck I did!  … in the super slippery rock garden where everyone cheers and the camera flashes burn racers’ retinas.  All during practice I kept it smooth and mellow. Then on race day I got too excited for my favorite race and spazzed out.  I actually made it through the rock garden, let off the breaks, and then my front tire slid out on a tree root which sent my handle bars into a tree.  I high sided and landed on my temple and cheek bone and left ear (which was bleeding and made my poor Daddio think I had a brain trauma).  My eyes swirled around for a few seconds then straightened back out with plenty of time to try to win still.  I jumped back on the trusty Reign only to find the derailleur cable had popped out and my bike was stuck in the hardest gear… again.  Yes, I wrecked in the same place last year and bent my chain, and was stuck in a MEDIUM-ish gear which was easy enough to crush the climbs and still win.  This year, however, I ran the two climbs, stood up in every corner, hit the big wood drop a little too fast (see other attached photo), and came in second.  Nice work Alice Pinnerton who came in first by a long shot! … and then fixed my derailleur cable in 20 seconds at the bottom.  Crap.
Ashland Super D
In an attempt to NOT “eat it” in a super tight hairpin turn and tomahawk into a sea of poison oak verdure, I kept it smooth in Ashland… No Crashland for me!  I flatted 3 times on practice day attempting to use some silly 2.0’s and switched to some 2.25’s for more confidence.  I could’ve gone faster I suppose, but not by the 40-somethin seconds Kelli Emmett put on me.  2nd again.  I’m working on the happy medium between what feels like a Desperate Spazzing Techno Ball and Cautious Mellow-Yellow Triangular Street Sign.
On June 14th I helped with an all girls mountain bike clinic for ages 8-18.  With only two weeks of preparation (thanks to Michelle Bazemore,MBSEF Cycling Director) we had 46 girls signed up and ready to ride some tall skinny bridges and big box drops.  It was very impressive what these small (but tough) girls were willing to do on their bikes.  There were only a few wrecks 🙂 Mt. Bachelor Sports Education Foundation (MBSEF) is a super cool program that encourages young athletes.
Did some yoga today and got a really painful massage that felt like a high school football player was giving my glutes and quads a noogie for an hour.  Ouch.  They say its suppposed to help.
Up next, Bend Super D and Downieville!
Stay Tuned



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