The Sea Otter Classic

April 28, 2011

It was another beautiful weekend for the Sea Otter Classic. The sun was shining and the temps averaged 60 + degrees.

The Ride Giant / Ride Northstar Team was in full force competing from cross country to dual slalom and downhill. The whole team charged with great results to the podium.

Jon on the podium.

The team accomplished two first place finishes over the weekend with Jon Wilson taking the top of the podium spot in the professional hard tail downhill race and Andrea Napoli winning Cat. 1 dual slalom. Andrea also went on to take 2nd in Cat. 1 downhill as well.

Andrea Napoli at the top of the podium for dual slalom!

Other great finishes were relished by new team member Cody Chapman who placed 7th in a fierce young group of riders the Cat. 1 downhill competition and Robert Beaupre who got on the podium in Cat. 2 downhill finishing 4th in his age group category.

Patrick Ramano Grassroots program

Pro-rider Jon Steirwalt, winner of last years XC Pro Downieville race holds his own in the pro xc race at Sea Otter. It's just the beginning for Jon. Stay clear the bull is charging through!

The other great part of Sea Otter is getting together with all your fellow bicycling friends, eating good food, watching movie premieres and seeing all the product sneak peeks the industry is launching. Here are a couple photos of Fox Racing Shox’s new 2012 line up,  Shimano’s sexy new XT line up and Giro’s shoes and Xar helmet.

Fox Racing Shox's 2012 Line Up. There is BUTTER everywhere!

The new RP23

There has been rumors for a while with the release of a sexy new XT component line from Shimano and it cam true at Sea Otter.

Shimano's new 2012 XT brake and shifters!

The new XT drive train line up will feature 2X10 and a choice of black or silver.

The Ride Giant / Ride Northstar also recently partnered with Giro helmets and Giro shoes. Here are a couple photos of the new Gauge shoe and Xar helmet.

Giro's new Gauge shoe. Talking from experience, this shoe has just the right amount of stiffness and fits like a glove!

The new Giro XAR trail helmet. Lots of vents to keep you cool and light.


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