Downieville: Lizzy Podium’s with the Top Pro Divas!

July 20, 2010

It was another great year for the Downieville All Mountain Classic. A fun event that is the nostalgia of what true mountain biking racing is all about… good times with friends, Chris King making pancakes, fun music, new product launches to drool over, good barbecue and a couple beers for the recovery.

Both the professional men’s and women’s all mountain field held fierce competition with riders like Katerina Nash, Kelli Emmett, Adam Craig, Carl Decker and Greg Minaar.

It was a good time by all and the team posted great results. Lizzy faught hard and chased after the queen divas of the sport Kelli Emmett and Katerina Nash for a 3rd place finish! Lizzy was all smiles with an opportunity to stand by some of the best women riders on the podium in mountain bike racing.

In the professional men’s field of over 50 riders Nate Byrom and Jordan Lopez posted top 25 results! Nate came in 17th due to a mechanical from the cross country portion of the all mountain race but gained time back from posting a top 10 in the downhill event.

Pro downhiller Jordan Lopez of the team came in with a great result of 25th for the weekend. A solid performance in the cross country kept Jordan stoked which boosted his time high in the field! A solid performance by everyone. Great work! Thank you to all the sponsors that help these athletes reach there goals and supporting the passion of mountain biking.


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