Update from Nate on His Amazing USA Training Trip in Europe

June 29, 2010

Hey Everyone,

Over the last week or so Nate has been in Europe participating in a USA Cycling training camp. Here is his lasted update with some fun photos:

It’s really cool here!  We did a pretty hard ride today up a big mountain and through what seemed like 20 towns that lead to a look out over Freiburg.  Went real fast on real steep trails infested with rocks on wet roots.

We are in a big farm house just outside of Kirtzarten.  We live in two apartments on the top floor and the family lives downstairs but we rarely see each other.  Dinner is catered every night at seven with whatever they decide to make us.  Tonight we had some salad, pork, and spetzel (egg noodles).
We have a full time mechanic that completely takes care of us.  We don’t even have to think about it.  He thoroughly washes our bikes, addresses any problems and lubes the chain before we ride in the morn.

Everyone in town knows USA is here and they know the name of the house where we live.  We are wearing USA kits on our rides and I feel like I have a big target on my back.  People riding stop and ask us questions then ride away with a big smile.  One kid followed us and said, “USA, USA, BOOO”.  Pretty funny in my book but most people are nice and welcoming.
It’s Thursday night here and we have a big Swiss Trophy race on sunday.  It’s only a couple hours away so we will leave in the morning.  I’ll go for an easy ride tomorrow and then maybe go explore town some more.  Things have been real good so far.  You can check out all my pictures on Facebook and I have attached a couple.


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