Northstar-at-Tahoe Pro GRT: Wilson Wins Four Cross!!!

June 29, 2010

What a weekend of racing at Northstar-at-Tahoe for the USA Cycling Downhill Pro GRT racing event. The top riders in the world showed up and Northstar-at-Tahoe/Giant Bicycles Mountain Bike team did a great job against the competition. Jon Wilson kicked the weekend off right with a first place finish in the four cross and came in 19th out of 70 pro riders in the downhill event.

Jon Wilson On to Victory!

After qualifying 3rd, Jon Wilson (Northstar/Giant/Fox) got the gate on Ryan Condroshoft (Intense/Fox), George Stephenson (Yeti), and Mikey Haderer (Corsair). Condrashoff had a great pass on number one qualifier and world cup racer Blake Carney (KHS) to eliminate him from contention in the final. Haderer took home the silver after Condrashoff and Stephenson collided in the first turn where Wilson picked up gold.

Jon Wilson right and Greg Minnaar Left

Here is Jon’s own words about the Northstar-at-Tahoe Pro GRT weekend:

WOW! Northstar showed up for this one! I have to give a huge shout-out to the Northstar trail crew for an AMAZING job on Gypsy and their tiresome fight with the “risk managers”. Despite the resistance, the trail crew were able to put in a “road gap” and a great 38 foot finish line jump. And while the road gap was a pro only line, and suppose to be labeled a “drop” for liability issues, it was a great addition to the course. I know some people were upset they did not get to ride this feature, lets all be thankful for what we did get. This was a progression and a giant step for Northstar and what they get to build. In addition, no major injures over the entire weekend, proving how well built the new features were. Again, AWESOME additions to a great course! The funny thing is the risk managers’ concern over these new features, which are way easier and safer than other death marches such as “Vietnam” or “Slabs”. Those trails scare me! Other additions to Gypsy included huge new berms in the middle which kept the flow going, daily sweeping of course “duff”, and even daily course watering! Northstar put on a good show for the nation.

Jordan Lopez

Jordan pushed hard in the race but unfortunately all talented riders have a bad day or try different techniques based on the course. Here is Jordan’s own words of the race:

To be completely honest my race left me wanting; in the moments following my race run I was at a loss and grasping at explanations for my poor finishing time. Now, with the blessing of hindsight, I see now that there were several sections I could have put forth more effort in my run. For example, I could have gotten more loose in the corners and got off the brakes into and through the corners and gotten lower on the bike. In the practice runs leading up to the race I felt fast and competitive, but once my race started I reverted back to my old bad habits of coming into the corners to fast for traction and loosing all of my exit speed and playing the game of catchup. This course does not reward this style of riding and my result is the proof – 64th.

Jordan Lopez

I now have placed this poor race and result behind me and I have now set all of my focus onto the quickly approachingDownieville Classic. In preparation for this 46 mile test of determination, I will be logging in the miles and under the advisement of my Teammate and friend Jon Wilson, I will be racing in the first Northstar XC Thursday the 1st of July.


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