Spring Thaw: Get Those Legs Warmed Up!

May 28, 2010

On May 15th-May 16th, the Northstar-at-Tahoe/Giant Bicycles Mountain Bike Team headed up to Ashland, Oregon for the famous Spring Thaw Mountain Bike Festival. Team riders Lizzy English, Jordan Lopez and Jon Wilson all competed in the event dreaming of it weeks in advance.

Ashland, Oregon is a famous biking destination that holds amazing single-track terrain that is fast with flowing transition.

In Jon’s own words about the course: “Little bikes rule this track as it leads you down to a rock garden, into a fun double jump, then to the “freeway”.  100% tree-lined singletrack, speeds close to 30 mph, on a little six inch bike in spandex and half shells, like a nun running through a cucumber field, this course keeps you puckered!  After the “freeway”, you moto slam a 90 degree berm into switchback haven.”

The team had a good showing with Lizzy English placing second in the cross country and breaking a women’s record winning the downhill race!  Unfortunately for Jon Wilson and Jordan Lopez the boys had some bad racing luck with a crash and flat during their race runs. It’s racing and these things happen but the weekend was not a bust for Jon and Jordan as they got to ride amazing terrain and hang with good friends.

Grassroots Rider Andrea Napoli

Local news station KDVR was on site capturing the participation record of the Spring Thaw bike festival. Click on this link below to few the coverage featuring an interview of team rider Jordan Lopez:


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