Lizzy Places Second at Bend ChainBreaker

May 28, 2010

On May 9th pro rider Lizzy English headed over to the Chain Breaker Classic mountain bike race in her new home town of Bend, Oregon. Against stiff competition Lizzy did super well placing second with the help of her newly hired water boy Adam Craig.

She held a pretty tight spot between 1st to 2nd to 3rd and then back to 2nd where she pushed herself to the limits to maintain 2nd.  The course held some technical challenges where the tight switchbacks and loose dirt benefited the better bike handler so the lead group could stay well ahead of the other group of riders.

Here is more in Lizzy’s own words:

Alice Pennington, Sue Butler and I were WELL ahead of the rest.  My WTB 1.90 Vulpines at 28 psi were so sick and FAST on the climbs.  I was double drifting every corner still pedaling and they always hooked up.  Pretty sweet since they’re pretty much slicks!  Trusting my tires helped save energy that others were expending on braking and re-accelerating.  It feels soooo nice to have so much trust in your gear!

To learn more about Lizzy’s favorite new tire click on this link below:



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